How To Change A Dirty Fuel Filter

Is your car starting to hesitate or stutter?  Not getting enough gas? Chances are that you may need to replace that old dirty fuel filter.  Over time your gas tank can accumulate a bunch of dirt, crud, and rust.  This will eventually seep it’s way in to the fuel filter and over time these need to be replaced.

How To Change A Fuel Filter

This great video features a 1993 nissan 24osx.  Most fuel filter setups are very similar so if you have a different make or model this video should still cover things pretty well.

Notice that he takes the fuel pump fuse out to prevent the lines filling up with gasoline.  Something you do not want to spill everywhere.  On the nissan 240sx the fuel filter is located in the engine bay.  When changing a fuel filter most of the time you just need to remove a simple clamps.  Some fuel filter setups may require a special tool.

Once the old filter is removed simply change it out with a new fuel filter and reattach the lines.  Make sure to re-secure the clamps so that they will not leak.  If your fuel lines or clamps look worn now is a very good time to go ahead and replace everything.  After you’re done don’t forget to start the car and reinspect the filter to make sure no leaks have developed.

Don’t forget to always wear proper saftey gear and a set of work glasses when working with high pressure lines is never a bad idea.

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