How To Adjust Drum Brakes

When replacing or repairing drum brakes it’s extremely important that you learn how to adjust drum brakes properly.

Often times cars with drum brakes have braking issues when the drums are adjusted either to tight or to loose. When you replace the shoes you will almost always need to make some adjustments.

How To Adjust Drum Brake Pads

Most drum brakes have what is known as “adjustment stars” basically it’s a star shape wheel that is located behind a hole on the back of the drum plate.

Most times a screw driver works just fine but using an adjustment tool can make the job easier on some vehicles.

The object is to tighten the drum until the wheel will not easily turn. Then back the stars off a few clicks. You should be able to spin the wheel once and have it stop on it’s own. This will give you the right amount of gap.

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