How To Change A Serpentine Belt : Jeep Engine 4.7

Most modern cars use a serpentine belt pulley system. This means that you have 1 large belt the runs all pulley driven components of the engine. Typically alternator,A/C condensor, and the water pump.

When a belt is starting to wear or breaks it’s time to replace it with a new one. On most vehicles to remove the old belt if its still on you simply need a socket wrench. To start simply find the belt tensioner pulley. This is just a simple pulley and it’s function is to make sure that proper tension is applied to the belt. Most of these pulleys have a bolt in the center of the pulley you can get a ratchet on.

Use your ratchet to move the pulley away from the belt and relieve the tension. This should allow you to get the belt off of the pulley and start removing it from the other accessories.

Once the old belt is off it’s just a matter of putting the new one on in reverse order. Sometimes this takes a little patience (just like the fan in the video). I’ve found that carefully using a flat head screw driver to guide the serpentine belt on helps. Be sure to check for proper routing of the serpentine belt, because you don’t want pulleys moving in the wrong direction. (there is usually a diagram sticker in the engine bay).

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