How To Change A Thermostat : Ford Explorer

Need a new thermostat for your explorer? Here is a step by step video on how to remove and install a new thermostat.

First start by locating the thermostat on the engine block usually where the radiator hose connects. (be sure that you have drained the coolant first.)

The thermostat prevents coolant from going to the radiator until your engine is up to temperature. Be sure to get the proper type/temp. thermostat. Hotter climates may be better off with a higher temperature.

First remove the hose clamp and this will allow you to remove the hose.

After removing the hose you will see usually two bolts on the thermostat that need to be removed in order to pull the thermostat housing off. Inside the housing you will find the thermostat itself.

Be sure to remove the old gasket material so that you can easily apply RTV or a new gasket. A razor blade usually works well.

Installation is the reverse of removal just reinstall the gasket, the two bolts, and reattach your radiator hose.

This video applies to ford explorer models but is very similar for a large variety of vehicles.

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