How To Change A Timing Belt

Timing belts are a wear and tear item that will eventually need to be replaced on most vehicles.  Consult your factory manual for proper service intervals.  Most vehicles require a new belt at approximately 50-70K miles.  A quick note on the importance of doing this maintenance is that if you have an “interference” motor a broken belt while the engine is running could result in top end, head, and valve damage.  Doing this maintenance at the proper times could save you a lot of money and headaches in the future.

How To Replace A Timing Belt

This auto repair video covers the process on a Dodge Intrepid, but the repair will be similar for most vehicles.  Consult your Haynes manual for proper specs and procedure.

A basic list of tools for the job on most vehicles will be…

  • Socket set
  • Jack and jackstands
  • Belt or timing chain wrench
  • Screw drivers
  • A catch pan for oil
  • A puller may be necessary for certain models to remove the crank shaft pulley

Follow the steps in the video and don’t forget to search our site for more great youtube auto repair videos from other mechanics!

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