How To Change Manual Transmission Fluid On A Honda Civic

Time to change your transmission fluid on a your manual transmission? Step by step video showing how to drain and change the fluid on a 1998 honda civic.

Most manuals transmissions are pretty similar when it comes to fluid changes. There is typically a drain bolt near the bottom of the trans and a separate fill bolt near the top. Get your drain pan ready (trans fluid can be nasty stuff and you don’t wan to make a mess) Loosen the drain bolt. (some are an actual bolt that requires a socket and others like the Honda in the video only require you to use a ratchet) Take the plug out and let the old trans fluid drain.

Be sure to keep track of the plug and also clean it thoroughly and look for any debris, metal shavings, or dirt. In the video a home made contraption is used to refill the trans, but I would recommend going to your local auto store and picking up a fluid pump. Basically a simple hand pump with tubes on both sides that works to siphon fluid from the bottle to the transmission. Most pumps are under $10 bucks.

Make sure you check your Haynes manual or factory service manual for the proper fluid type. Most transmissions use a top plug to fill the trans so use your pump and refill the trans with the recommended amount of fluid. Afterward be sure to install your drain plugs and start the vehicle making sure there are no leaks of any kind.

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