How To Polish Chrome

First make sure to thourhgly clean the area you want to polish. Add chrome polish to your rag and work on a small area. Keep rubbing until you eventually get the rust off and it will take some elbow grease/pressure to get off.

Allow time for it to sit and haze up after rubbing. Then take a clean rag and use it to wipe the polish off. Don’t forget that after you are done with your chrome polish you will want to take a chrome safe auto wax and wax the area to seal it off and prevent any further rusting.

AHTV: A quick tip that I’ve had a lot of luck with is taking a bucket of water and using a small piece of house hold aluminum foil to rub down the area gently. This will often get rid of the pretty tough rust that can build up on some chrome pieces and then allows you to polish and remove any scratching with the chrome polish. I’ll be posting my own video of that soon so stay tuned.

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