How To Replace A Ball Joint Chevy Truck

If your Chevy truck has a steering shake or shimmey then it might be time to check out your ball joints.

How To Replace Chevy Truck Ball Joints

There are two styles of ball joints through bolts and top threaded. Trucks tend to have the top threads and smaller vehicles have the through bolts.

In this video they are working on a late model Chevy truck. On this application (4wheel drive) your going to want to loosen your lug nuts and then use a 35mm socket to remove the axle nut(center hub nut). (this will require either a strong impact gun or large breaker bar)

This application also requires removal of the brake caliper and brake rotor. Take a jack and lift up the control arm so most of the weight of the suspension will be on the jack and off the control arm.

After removing the hub assembly and the control arm you should be able to access the ball joint. If your ball joint has not been replaced before you will need to use a cold chisel to shear off the rivets that the factory uses. (new ball joints use bolts as a replacement.)

Removing the ball joint requires the removal of the cotter pin and the bolt on the bottom of the ball joint. (video details how to get at them properly)

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