How To Replace A Distributor Cap and Rotor

Looking to replace your distributor cap? Here is a great step by step video that not only will list all the tools you’ll need it also covers several different models.

When removing the old cap be sure to properly mark the spark plug wires to be sure you install them in the same positions you took them off. This is essential to make sure that the firing order is correct. Most distributors are very easy to remove and either have 2 screws or bolts on the side that need to be loosened to take the cap off. Some models have snapping clips that are simply pried off.

Most caps on GM vehicles also have coil wiring that needs to be carefully removed and plugged in to the new cap. Caps and rotors are easy and cheap to replace and are a wear and tear item that needs to be checked and possiby replaced on any high mileage vehicle.

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