How To Use A Timing Gun : Honda/Acura

Anytime you make changes to a vehicles ignition system such as replacing a distributor or even replacing a timing belt you will typically need to reset the timing. A great special tool for doing this is called a timing light also known as a timing gun.

This video featuring Eric the car guy will show you how to use a timing light properly.

In this vehicle the ignition timing is on the under hood sticker. (If you don’t have one you can always refer to a haynes or shop manual.)

Pay close attention to the video. In many late model vehicles you need to use a connector to stop the computer from trying to adjust to a base timing so that you can manually set it properly. Most OBD-II vehicles work like this. The timing light itself is given a power, ground, and then clamped to the number 1 cylinder.

The flashing light indicates the #1 cylinder firing. When you point the gun towards the crankshaft pulley which should have timing marks you can time the engine this way. Usually there is an indicator that will allow you to line up the marks on the pulley with the indicator.

Props to Eric The Car Guy for an excellent video and tutorial!

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