How To Replace A Toyota Fuel Filter

In this video they cover how to change the fuel filter on a 2001 toyota 4runner.  Changing a fuel filter is a regular maintenenance item that is key to keeping your fuel system healthy and your engine running well.  If your vehicle has high mileage chances are that it may have still have the stock fuel filter which is most likely dirty and prone to clogging.  Fuel filters can be the source of many common problems such as hesitation or lack of power.

To change the fuel filter the mechanic shows your the 4 different tools you’ll need for the job.  First you’re going to start by removing the protective shroud covered by 3 bolts.  Use a 12mm wrench.  The fuel filter is located under the drivers side and is held on by a 10mm bracket.  A 14mm wrench is used to remove the lines from the fuel filter.  Worth noting is that most filters have an in and out barb and you should take note of which way they are facing before you remove it.

Once the fuel filter is removed you will replace it with the new one in the reverse order as the removal.  Be careful to catch any gas that may leak out you don’t want that winding up all over your driveway.  For more videos on replacing fuel filters use the search bar on our site!

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